You’ve fallen in love with your string of hearts plant and want to expand your houseplant collection with additional plants that look like it. This list of plants similar to string of hearts includes a lot of them, so you can bet you’ll be adding a lot to your plant wish list.

But, before we get started, if you haven’t already, why not add more than one string of heart variety to your collection? There are a handful, and each one is fantastic in its own way.

Plants that are similar to String of Hearts

There are many plants that are closely related to Ceropegia Woodii. None have as prominent heart-shaped leaves as the SOH. There are, however, numerous trailing plants that, in some manner, rival the beauty of these plants.

Turtle String – Peperomia Prostrata

Peperomia prostrata is the first plant in our list of plants that are similar to string of hearts. This trailing peperomia has the most adorable tiny leaves with a pattern like a turtle’s shell (hence the name).

The leaves are similar in size to those of Ceropegia woodii and grow on vines. While the strings may not grow as long, it is still an excellent plant to add to your collection if you are searching for additional plants to hang from the basket. Propagating these is as simple as propagating a string of hearts, so you’ll be able to share it with your pals in no time.

The care is similarly identical, with the exception that this one requires more regular watering. If you have a pet, you’ll be relieved to hear that this one is also pet safe.

Peperomia maintenance is often simple, so this is a pleasant addition to your plant collection.

a turtle string

Curtisii Hoya

Hoyas are beautiful plants. They may be a little eccentric when it comes to caring for them, but they are not too demanding.

Hoya curtisii is a plant that looks a lot like string of hearts, right down to the leaves. Unlike string of hearts, which may grow very quickly, this hoya grows slowly. It won’t develop vines as long as the SOH, but it’s still a good trialing plant.

Senecio Rowleyanus – String of Pearls

Another tough, low-maintenance plant. It’s a succulent-like plant, so it tolerates drought well and won’t mind if you don’t water it often.

Because the leaves are bead-like, the strands resemble necklaces, thus the name string of pearls. Strings may also become very lengthy. They will grow to be around 3 feet (1m) long in ideal circumstances.

Senecio rowleyanus is closely related and popular, as are Senecio herreianus, which has more oval leaves, and Senecio citriformis, which has leaves that resemble tiny lemons.

If you are thinking about getting a pet, you should know that this wonderful plant is not safe for them.

Pilea Glaucophylla is a kind of Pilea.

Pilea Peperomodies are typically the center of attention when it comes to Pilea plants. However, this plant category has a plethora of other beautiful species. Pilea Glaucophylla is an excellent example of this. With appropriate care, this plant has the potential to develop into a big full trailing plant.

While the leaves are much smaller than those of the string of hearts, it is still worth considering if you are searching for plants similar to the string of hearts. These are often marketed as tiny plants, but with appropriate care, they may develop quickly.

a nickel string (Dischida Nummularia)

String of Nickles, a plant that looks similar to peperomia hope, with coin-shaped dense leaves. It’s still a succulent, but it requires a little more water than Ceropegia Woodii.

It’s a lovely trailing plant that may grow to be very long.

Senecio Radicans – Banana String

If you don’t want to stick with spherical forms, a string of bananas is a great “string of” plant to add to your collection. The leaves of this plant, as you may have guessed from the name, resemble tiny miniature bananas (it’s a cousin of a string of pearls).

It’s a beautiful and full plant that looks great in a hanging basket and is, most importantly, simple to care for.

Needles’ String

String of Needles is your plant if you’re searching for “same but different,” since it’s from the same plant family as String of Hearts, but with distinct leaf forms. The leaves are pointed like needles, yet they need the same care as SOH. If you have happy SOH plants in your house, this one will be too.

Dischida Rustifolia – Million Hearts Plant

Why settle for a few hearts when you can have a million? This plant’s leaves may have a heart-shaped form (not as pronounced as the SOH has).

Dolphins in a Line

Another interesting plant string to consider adding to your collection is the dolphin string. If you look carefully at the leaves of this plant, you’ll see why it’s given that name. Aren’t they adorable?


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