In this quick guide, we’ll look at “Can you get drunk off one Long Island iced tea?”, as well as other frequently asked questions concerning Long Island iced tea.

Can you get drunk off one Long Island iced tea?

Long Island Iced Teas include approximately 5–7.5 ounces of bourbon. Unless alcoholism is present, two of them – 10 – 15 oz. – can get someone pretty drunk in a short period of time. Because of its aesthetic resemblance to non-alcoholic iced tea, the Long Island iced tea was given that name. Fill a highball glass halfway with ice and add all of the ingredients. Due to the minimal amount of mixer, the cocktail has a substantially greater alcohol concentration (about 22 percent) than typical highball drinks.
What gets you the most tipsy?

What gets you drunk the fastest?

  • The Aftermath of Shock You know you’re about to play with fire when you see flames in the shots with this delectable drink.

Jägermeister is a German liqueur. The only healthful aspect of this liqueur is that it is made up of 56 herbs.

Tequila is a type of tequila that is made from the agave plant.

Long Island Iced Tea (L.I.I.T.)

  • Ouzo, Pastis, and Mastika

Gin, if you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is

  • A glass of wine.

What is the best drink to get you drunk fast?

  1. After the Initial Shock

You know you’re about to play with fire when you see flames in the shots with this delectable drink. The 40 percent alcohol level heightens the burning feeling; however, in 2009, the company released a version for the faint of heart. It only has a 30% density. The “genuine” stuff can still be found in stores and pubs, thankfully. According to legend, After Shock crystallizes in your stomach until the next morning, when it dissolves and releases a second wave of alcohol into your bloodstream. The drink is still popular among young people, which is understandable given that it requires good health to consume. After Shock is available in a variety of colors, including black, red, and green. All of these will rapidly put you on fire, so be cautious.

2. Jägermeister

The only healthful aspect of this liqueur is that it is made up of 56 herbs. The “hunting master” (translation from German) will undoubtedly pursue your liver, and you will not be able to flee in time. The drink is jokingly referred to as “liver glue” or “Leberkleister” in German. Perhaps it’s no surprise that this word rhymes with the liqueur’s name. We have every reason to believe the Germans: the 35 percent Jägermeister is so sweet and sticky that it will have attached your liver before you realize it. With German precision.

3. Tequila

Of course, such a rating would be difficult to construct without these classics. Tequila is widely regarded as one of the best party beverages, having been dubbed “the moment of happiness between the salt and the lemon.” It’s frequently associated with the idea that whoever eats it is out tonight having a good time and kicking his liver about. Regardless of the various flavors and alcohol concentration of tequila, it is still one of the quickest ways to get intoxicated. If you can’t handle the sweetness of the Aftershock and Jägermeister, it could spare you a headache.

  1. Iced Tea from Long Island

If you let this drink’s charming appearance, flavor, and name fool you, it will have a surprise in store for you. Yes, the flavor is similar to iced tea, but that is the only similarity between the ordinary and Long Island versions. This cocktail has FIVE different spirits: vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and triple sec. If you’re thirsty and don’t realize the drink contains 22% alcohol, you can find yourself guzzling it down quickly. And who knows, maybe it’ll become your new favorite iced tea.

  1. Ouzo/Pastis/Mastika

The powerful flavor and aroma of anise booze, as well as the way it gives refreshment in hot summers, have traditionally captivated consumers. It’s frequently served with salads or watermelon as an appetizer. If you skip the appetizers, though, this liquor will knock you out in just a few drinks. Greek ouzo should have a minimum alcohol content of 37,5%, however some makers go as high as 42,5%. Although stronger (40-45 percent), French pastis is associated with a nobler drinking culture. Thank goodness anise cocktails aren’t served in shots; otherwise, in Bulgaria, where the mastika has a 47 percent alcohol level, only the bravest men would be able to keep their balance. It is rarely taken without chasers or appetizers due to its powerful flavor. Other anise-based cocktails include Italian sambuca, Turkish raki, Colombian aguardiente, and others.

6. Gin

Yes, without the deceitful gin, this list would be incomplete. Many celebrities have been addicted to the successor to the Dutch drink jenever, and they can’t live without it. It pairs well with tonic or sprite, which softens the flavor. You may easily knock back glass after glass in the hot weather until…um…the Gin comes out of the bottle with such a simple mixing.7. 7

7. Wine

Last but not least, the divine wine, a drink that has been revered and adored for generations, a drink that provides wisdom, understanding, and who knows how many other wonderful mental states. We have reason to suppose that many individuals are eager to achieve such spiritual states, and what better way to achieve them than by drinking sweet and delectable wines rather than juice?

Is Long Island iced tea a girly drink?

No, is the quick response. While it is sweet, which may appeal to some members of the female gender, it also contains a fatal quantity of a variety of liquors, making it highly potent, which may just as easily appeal to men.

What is the most girly drink?

I can think of quite a few girlie cocktails off the top of my head. To answer your query, I’ll list the most popular girlie drinks from my years behind the bar. Please bear in mind that, just like food and clothing, people’s likes and preferences for drinks vary depending on their geographic location. Drink recipes are also prone to modest variations. For example, a drink may be quite popular with my fellow west coast residents but not at all among east coast residents.

That being said, the cocktails listed below are ones I poured frequently, mostly for women (though a few were also highly popular with men). Again, these are simply random thoughts, and they are not in any particular order.

The Pia Colada

jobs that explode up When drinking this popular shooter topped with whipped cream, choose a “no hands” or “hands behind your back” approach.

Appletinis or chocolate

Russians who are white (This was a cocktail requested by older women or women who knew a thing or two about liquor in my experience)

bulldogs from Colorado

a lemon drop

cod cape (popular with males as well)

a breeze from the bay or the sea


margaritas or flavored daiquiris (blended with watermelon, kiwi, peach, strawberry, or coconut)

Malibu can virtually be blended with anything.

Any juice contains Midori

iced tea from the beach or the island (both popular with males and females)

Most females will appreciate it if it is fruity, creamy, or nutty, or if the serving glass is substituted with a coconut, pineapple, watermelon, or other fruit.


In this brief guide, we answered the question “Can you get drunk off one Long Island iced tea?”, with an in-depth analysis of other FAQs about Long Island iced tea.


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