Onions are a very adaptable item in the kitchen. They are utilized in a variety of recipes and give a delicious taste to almost any savory meal.

Every meal in our home begins with onions; they are a household staple. You may purchase them singly or in bulk.

If you purchase them but not the bag, make sure you use them up before they go bad. So, how can you tell if an onion is bad?

The appearance and texture of your onion are two easy indicators of whether or not it is still edible. Both of those stages are covered in this article.

2 white onions with an onion peel on the side

How do you tell if an onion is rotten? You can determine if an onion is rotten by inspecting it to make sure it isn’t yellowing, rotting, or sprouting.

It’s also influenced by how it feels. Squeeze it; if the onion is soft, it has gone rotten.

Is It Possible to Get Sick From Eating a Bad Onion?

Before you begin cooking, check to see whether your onion is still okay or if it has gone rotten. You are at danger of being unwell if you cook with poor onions.

Any food that has gone bad puts you at danger of food illness or stomach discomfort, and onions are no exception. Before cooking or consuming raw onions, always look for these three indications.

Signs That Onions Are Dangerous

The easiest method to determine whether your onions are rotten is to just look at them and feel them.

It is not advised to use taste to determine whether something has gone rotten. So let’s take a closer look at those two tell-tale symptoms of a rotten onion.

How Does It Appear?

Brown stains on your onion are an indication that it is rotten. The brown patches are indications of mold development, and you should throw it out.

The same is true if you see any kind of mold developing on the onion. Mold may be green, grey, or white.

If you observe sprouting from the top of your onion, it is on its way out and may be a bit softer on the inside.


An onion that is mushy is a poor onion. It has begun to degrade underneath the papery skin and should be discarded.

You want your onions to be solid when squeezed and hefty for their size.

When Buying Onions, What Should You Look For?

When purchasing onions, whether individually or in bulk, be sure to inspect them at the shop to choose the best ones.

Unfortunately, you may utilize the smell test when purchasing onions in the same way that you would when purchasing a melon or a plum.

You want onions that still have that papery exterior and a dry neck.

If you detect any of the symptoms of a rotten onion, such as brown spots, mildew, or mushy, toss them and choose another.


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