Ground beef is excellent to keep on hand for a variety of dishes such as burgers, spaghetti, meatloaf, and many more. Whether you don’t know how to determine if ground beef is rotten, you’re going to learn.

It is very easy. Using your senses can help you determine if ground beef is rotten or not. Make sure it doesn’t stink, isn’t slimy, and is beautiful and red.

how to tell if your ground beef is spoiled

Touching and smelling ground beef may tell you if it’s excellent or terrible. Ground beef is also very excellent at letting you know when it’s no longer good by its appearance. Ground beef that is brownish or grayish is not acceptable.

First and foremost, always verify the package’s sell-by or use-by date. If it is still in date, go ahead and check the following items to ensure it is safe to consume.

Keep in mind the “When in doubt, toss it out” guideline. It’s not worth the danger of food poisoning.

Because it is exposed to so many germs during the grinding process, ground beef is more vulnerable to bacteria than steak. This is why it is critical to check its quality before cooking or serving it.

Inhale the Aroma of the Ground Beef

Fresh ground beef that is still excellent will not have a strong odor. If it has gone bad, it will have a rotten odor. A sour or acidic odor indicates that food has deteriorated and should be discarded.

Even though ground beef seems and feels OK, this does not necessarily imply that it is safe to consume. A rotten odor is a strong indicator that bacteria has begun to develop in the meat and that you may get ill as a result.

This also applies to determining if cooked ground beef is safe to consume. Even after cooking, it should not have a sour odor.

Touch The Ground Beef

When you touch ground beef, it will be slightly moist but not slimy in any way. Slimy ground beef should be discarded and never eaten.

Ground beef should be solid and readily break apart in your hands. Make careful to properly wash your hands to avoid spreading germs and contaminating adjacent surfaces.

The Appearance of the Ground Beef

The color of the ground beef should be crimson. If it becomes dark or dull grey, it has ruined and is no longer safe to cook or serve.

It is usual to see some brown in the center of packed ground beef. Because oxygen cannot reach the center of the package, it begins to brown.

If it is just slightly brown, it should be OK, but always check all three stages to determine if your ground beef is rotten or not.

How to Tell If Ground Beef Is Done

Ground beef should always be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When creating patties, the middle may still be a bit pink, which is OK as long as you check it with a thermometer.

Typically, you want to cook it until it is browned and there is no longer any pink visible. This is because the process of grinding enables additional germs to be introduced.

You want to be certain that it has reached the proper temperature. Check out my ground beef cooking recipe.


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