If you have leftover fat after cooking bacon or ground beef, or if you have oil from frying, you must properly dispose of the oil.

Cooking oils should not be poured down the drain since they will block them. You must allow it to cool before disposing of it in the garbage.

Fry crinkle fries in oil in a frying pan

How should cooking oils be disposed of? You should wait for your oils to cool before discarding them. You may either wait for them to harden, maintain a receptacle in which to dump spent oils or combine them with absorbent material.

Never throw away heated oil or grease. Allow plenty of time for it to cool down.

It is important to ensure that you properly dispose of your cooking oils. I’ll offer you a few options, and dumping it down the drain is not one of them.

Even if you wait for it to cool, you should never pour cooking oils down the drain. The fats will thicken and adhere to the walls of your pipes, eventually clogging them.

Maybe you have a little oil leftover from frying your bacon on Sunday morning, or maybe you just cooked your Thanksgiving turkey. There are correct and incorrect methods for removing cooking grease.

Allowing spent cooking oils to cool and harden, having a container to dump the grease into, or mixing it with an absorbent substance and then throwing it away are three methods for properly disposing of them.

Let’s have a look at how each technique works.


Allow the oils to cool in the container, and it will solidify as it cools. The grease may then be scraped out of the pan and discarded.

You may alternatively line a glass, metal, or ceramic dish with tin foil (never plastic or styrofoam) and pour your grease into it, allowing it to solidify in the tin foil. After it has been set, remove the foil.

Container for Grease

Use a milk carton, salsa jar, or spaghetti jar to store leftover cooking oils. Rinse the container of choice and place it under the sink so you have somewhere to dump the grease into.

Allow the grease to cool for a few minutes before using it. Then, after the grease has cooled, pour it into the container. Never dispose of heated oil in the garbage or a container.

You may reuse this jar till it is empty, then trash it.

Absorbent Substance

If you need to get rid of cooking oil, mix it with cat litter, sawdust, or sand to absorb the oils before throwing them away.

This is a wonderful method to get rid of excess oil from cooking.

Reuse versus recycling

If you often cook meals, preserve the oil and use it again and again. When the oils have too many particles in them and are no longer transparent, toss them and start again.

There are organizations, such as Earth911, that can assist you in recycling waste cooking oil and converting it into biodiesel and cleaner fuel for cars or heating oil.


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