A beautiful beard growth needs time. But even if it takes a little longer: with the right strategy and a little practice, you can get the most out of your beard.


Your beard grows between 0.3 to 0.4 millimeters a day-just like the hair on your head. How many hairs sprout from the skin of the face and in which areas, on the other side, are very individual: the length and width of the beard depends largely on age and the hereditary predisposition.

What’s the length of a 3-day beard?

Currently, the three days only act as a tough time reference. It all depends on the length of the hair: for a standard 3-day beard, the hair is more than 0.5 and less than 5 millimeters long. The skin beneath the stubble is always easily noticeable, as opposed to the full beard. Small downer for light hair types: a blond beard typically needs a little longer than a dark one for a casual 3-day result.

How long would it take to have a full beard?

One talks with a full beard of one centimeter of hair length, that is, around a month back. You require between three or four months of patience, depending on the size of the mustache, or grow the mustache to two inches. However, with the classic full beard, the smooth look is perhaps more critical than the length.

Are you dealing with places that are bare or partially overgrown? With a good lifestyle, you can make your beard grow stronger and thicker.


What’s not there can always be: while some men have a full beard for walk at a young age, some have thin or patchy facial hair in their genetic makeup. Small consolation: Beard growth also takes a long time until puberty. With a little bit of luck, persistence and proper treatment, the beard will become a well-shaped eye catcher even at an advanced age.


You ask yourself, how do you make the beard grow faster? Bad news: you can hardly control the pace at which your beard are rising. The Good: There are a few forms and methods to make the beard fuller and smoother.


Timing the razor is, of course, the most critical step-but just the first. And for a beard with a well-groomed appearance, you need not only endurance, but also form steps.

How am I going to grow a full beard?

Yeah, to have a good beard, first of all, you can keep your hands off the razor-but sometimes it’s not as straightforward as it seems. With the following guides, you will be prepared for the most important challenges:

Challenge 1: Stay out of itching

What itches like mad is not your mustache, nor the skin beneath that is irritated. If you itch, you can just place extra pressure on them and, in the worst case, permanently hurt the roots of your hair.

Instead, you can concentrate on grooming: a moisturizer tends to control the inflammation until the skin gets accustomed to the beard. Then the scratching goes out on its own. Stop the temptation to trim your beard!

Challenge 2: Regulation of overgrowth

Your hair grows vigorously, but sadly just in places? In order for the beard to grow uniformly, you can shave long hair frequently with a trimmer. Each hair has its own growth pattern, but often it takes time for all of them to be of the same length.

Exceptionally, you should use a razor for fine contours on your cheeks and legs. So even in the rugged development stages, you look well groomed.


Have you mastered the process of growth? Oh, welcome! It’s time for your beard to hit its full potential. You do need a few things for great care-but a little time in the bathroom on a daily basis.

How to grow a beard? IN 5 Optimal WAY

Phase 1: Wash

Dust, lint, crumbs: the beard is a gathering point for all sorts of waste. You should wash it with a beard shampoo every day. Be sure that you really have the skin beneath-the less trouble you have with scratching and Co.

Phase 2: Combs

Although you can better untangle your full beard with a comb, natural hair brushes are perfect for short beards: they scatter the sebum out to the tips of the beard. This nourishes and retains a perfect shine.

Phase three: Trimming

Depending on the length and development of your hair, you can trim your beard to length once or twice a week. That makes it look beautiful and strong. You should use a wet razor to clean the contours. It’s much more effective with a straight razor or a plain. After shaving, the after-shave soothes the skin in the neck and cheek region.

Phase 4: Sustain

Unruly, brittle hair and oil on the skin. To do this, add a few drops in your hands and rub them in your beard and beneath your face. Is the oil too greasy for you? Your skin and hair can benefit from moisturizing cream, oil, or balm.

Phase 5: Styling

It doesn’t matter whether you want to groom your beard or build accents: there’s no limit to your imagination with beard wax. Only steam up a little wax between your fingertips and curl all it takes!

How to Grow Beard on Cheeks Naturally at Home

Below, we’ll show you different natural products to grow a beard without the need for chemicals

How to grow your beard

You must stop shaving, of course, and don’t do it again until the beard has landed, follow these tips:

1. Use a specific brush to undo the tangles.

2. When you shower, apply a fabric softener so that it’s not that hard.

3. Apply oil to the beard. It is quite useful to avoid flaking of the skin and helps to soften the beard during the first stage of growth.

4. When you start trimming to shape your beard, do not trim too close to your chin, let the beard grow and form a good base before you sculpt. It’s also important that if you’re very young, you give your body more time, because the speed of growth increases with age. If it finally turns out that your beard is scarce or does not grow properly, you ‘re going to have to start thinking about pulling out remedies.

Products for growing the beard

Beard growth depends largely on genetics, and there are no miracles, but it is always possible to give a hand to nature, with a good diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, including proper stress management, which dries out the skin and contributes to hair loss, as well as some very basic products.

The advantage of natural products over chemicals is that they can be combined and applied repeatedly if they do not work for the first time, and usually do not have any side effects. Instead, avoid chemicals that are intended to stimulate hair growth, as in most cases, facial hair is not tested.

Include biotin products in the diet

Vitamins B7, B8 and H (called biotins) can be incorporated into the diet through vitamin supplements or by consuming foods rich in them (egg yolk, meat , milk, beer …) and helping to increase hair growth, so consuming this type of food can help facial hair develop more and better.

Tomato masks

Tomato is a very potent nutrient. It must be used as a mask to apply it to the beard.

Choose a few ripe tomatoes and mash them, either with a blender or by hand.

Do not remove any seeds.

Apply the juice to the beard, trying to cover the entire area.

Massage in a circle.

Let it work for about half an hour.

Rinse with plenty of hot water.

Castor Petroleum

Castor oil can help make the beard grow stronger and more abundant because, on the one hand, it resolves and prevents skin lesions that may affect hair growth, but on the other hand, its omega-3 fatty acids help to strengthen and repair it.

It should be applied at night, so that it works without interruption for a few hours. It is important to massage well to allow the castor oil to penetrate the pores and cover the entire beard and rinse with fresh water in the morning.

Mamey bone oil and other essential oil

The mamey is the fruit of the Central American tree, and its stone is very rich in vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, so the oil extracted from it has a nutritious and moisturizing effect. To help make your hair grow, mamey bone oil should be applied in the same way as castor oil, on clean and dry skin, preferably at night, and rinsed in the morning.

Other oils with similar effects include jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, grape seed oil and almond oil.

The Rosemary Lotion

Rosemary is a plant with multiple antiseptic and medicinal properties that can help the hair grow faster and stronger. There are several possible preparations for this purpose that can be used in the form of a mask.

Rosemary and honey: this is a hot infusion of rosemary, cinnamon, a clove of garlic and a spoonful of olive oil, to which a little honey is added after it is removed from the heat. It is applied when it’s cooled down and only for thirty minutes. You can also add onion that activates the circulation of the blood.

Rosemary and coconut oil: this is the easiest to prepare, as it is enough to mix a little coconut oil with fresh rosemary or rosemary essential oil. Apply with a massage and leave to act for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

Lotion of Lemon and Cinnamon

The presence of alpha-hydroxy acids makes the lemon an important aid for hair growth. The juice of the lemon, combined with a teaspoon of cinnamon and applied in circular motions to the beard with a brush, will help the beard grow.

Eat foods that improve your testosterone

The cause of poor beard growth may be genetic, since a deficiency of testosterone or an excess of estrogen may contribute to a loss of facial hair. If this is our issue, as we have seen in another post, how to increase testosterone by natural products and home remedies, such as the exercise and eating of certain foods , especially leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, lettuce, endive, etc.

Beard Care and Maintenance

After the initial four-week period of no shaving, the hairs should be long enough to give you visible facial hair .

From this moment on it is therefore important to take good care of and maintain your beard hair.

To take good care of your beard, you need to invest in a number of essential tools .

If you choose not to go to the barber but to trim yourself then you need a decent trimmer + the necessary tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use the device.

Beard oil and beard shampoo are important to make trimming easier and to keep the skin under your beard healthy.

In addition, you will notice that your beard absorbs more dirt than the Swiffer in the closet, so keeping your beard clean is an absolute necessity.

Below you can read briefly how you can maintain and care for your beard. You can read detailed information in the specific guides.

Beard comb

The difference between the men with beard now and those of a time ago is the difference in hygiene. In earlyâh, beards were usually grown alone and not further combed or maintained, resulting in a negative association.

Fortunately, the range of beard care products for the beard today is more than enough, so that you have no excuse to walk in like a …

One of the most important products is a beard comb. So no ordinary comb in which the teeth are too close together! It is also good to know that it is best to comb your beard after using a moist cream or beard oil .

In this way, the hairs break less quickly. In addition, there is a noticeable difference in how easily you can style your beard by combing.

One of the most important things to remember when growing a beard is not to comb your hair while the hair is still wet . This results in loss of your hair, which can cause spots.

Beard trimming

Beard hairs grow better once you trim them regularly. By trimming the dead ends you get a fine beard that is easier to maintain and that looks natural.

Depending on the speed at which your hair is growing, we recommend trimming your beard at least every two weeks with a decent beard trimmer. And if you can’t manage it yourself, then at a barber.


If you experience itching, it can help to moisturize your skin with a natural beard oil. This is only temporary, because your skin adapts to your new beard growth and eventually the itching will stop on its own.

If you really still suffer from it, you could try extra thick baby oil (note: your hair will also get a shine boost). The itching phase lasts for up to 3-4 weeks.

Beard rose

Beard rose (flakes) is caused by a micro-organism called Malassezia, which is nourished by the body’s natural oil (sebum).

When this happens, the cell production in the underlying skin will be stimulated and too many skin cells will eventually result in the white flakes.

You can combat this by exolishing with, for example, a beard brush or a mild scrub. Although beard rose is temporarily no longer visible, there is a chance that it will return.

Accelerate beard growth through a balanced diet

Below again quickly the most obvious sources for minerals and vitamins. If you want to delve into this.

Foods that help you grow a beard:


White chicken fillet




Cottage cheese

Nuts (good fats)



Cashew nuts

Sunflower seeds







Vegetables (high iron content)




Growing a healthy beard

This is the most detailed and thorough beard growth guide you can read at the moment.

You’ll find the latest tips on how to stimulate beard growth and get inspired by the best beard design guide .

We recommend that you read this guide carefully so that you can launch the perfect growing season for your latest, favorite beard style.

Decision Moment

Dedication and appointment with yourself

Accelerate the growth of the beard

Handy Beard Products

Ebooks and inspiration

Frequently asked questions about the growth of beard


Decision Moment

Beard is the figurehead of masculinity, and there is a clear correlation of dominance in certain parts of the nation. Whatever the cause, there will definitely be a moment in your life when you plan to grow a beard.

You might be thinking about what you look like with a beard, or you might want something new for once.

But if the end result is to be a beautiful beard, it’s not just a matter of watching your facial hair grow for a couple of months and hoping it’ll work out all right.

In fact , a good beard takes a variety of essential steps and, of course, a lot of patience. Unfortunately, there is no certainty that the perfect, rugged beard you have in mind will finally suit your face and character.

We’ve put this guide together for you to at least get you started. In this guide, you’ll read more about the easiest way to grow a beard, and you’ll also read scientifically validated tips and nutrients that will help you grow your beard more rapidly in a natural way.

We’ll give you helpful insights on the growth process that will help you reach your beard goals. If you haven’t tried to grow a beard before, we strongly suggest that you read these tips and suggestions.

To make the trip to these magnificent moons a bit more bearable, we’ve also put together a guide full of inspiration for you to look at the bottom of this page.

If you’ve found a beard that you think suits you best take the pictures with you to your barber for reference, should you have your beard trimmed during the growing process at a barbershop.

Growing a beard: dedication and understanding with yourself

Growing a beard requires a considerable degree of effort. In reality, this trip is a test of your character and a means of self-discovery for certain people.

It’s not easy to do, but at the end of the day, the pay-off is great and gives you a positive feeling.

The reason many men have trouble developing a beard is that they give up at a time when success is not yet noticeable.

The day comes when you can’t keep away from your beard because of scratching, sore eyes, and bald spots.

Unfortunately, this irritating side effect is enough for a lot of men to stop and shave too fast. If you’ve made a decision already, and you want to make it 100%, it will help you find motivation to keep the overall target in mind.

What also works is to set a start date for a certain number of weeks in which you have an appointment not to shave by yourself, regardless of the frustration or remarks of your immediate surroundings.

Why are you growing a beard?

To ask the question differently: why not grow a beard? Although stubble and clean-shaven faces are ‘the norm’, these days, ‘s fine to grow a beard, regardless of your occupation or history.

In that way, the decision to grow a beard is easy to make. But it’s just as easy to go against yourself and try to shave again-and I ‘m sure it’s going to happen a lot of times before you make a serious decision to do it.

The most famous explanations for growing a beard are:

Look older

To get rid of baby face

because it suits your personality

To shave less Women considers this attractive

When you shave, can your beard grow faster?

No, no. Daily grooming does not affect the growth rate of the beard.

It doesn’t make the hair smoother, longer or tougher, either. The explanation many men think this is that most men start shaving in puberty.

It is also during this period that hair growth accelerates due to increases in hormone levels, but it has nothing to do with shaving.

The hair follicles are not caused by a razor or something like that.

What is the growth speed of the beard?

The hair growth speed is around 1.5 centimeters per month. This varies by person, but the difference in speed will be marginal. Beard development tends to be higher in some males than in others.


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