Summer comes to mind when I think about watermelon. On a hot summer day, watermelon is a pleasant, juicy snack or side dish.

You don’t want to purchase or eat a poor watermelon, so I’ve put up a list of things to watch for. The way it seems from the outside is an excellent predictor of how it will appear from the inside.

It’s as easy as inspecting and smelling a watermelon to determine whether it’s rotten. It is not safe if it is bruised, dented, or has mold in it. Also, if it smells terrible, don’t eat it.

Knowing whether or not your watermelon is edible is critical so that you do not consume rotten or moldy watermelon.

You should consume cut-up watermelon within 3-4 days, and if you haven’t cut it yet, it will last approximately a week left out before going bad.

You may keep a whole watermelon uncut in the fridge for up to two weeks to extend its freshness.

Let’s start with the obvious indications of how to tell if a watermelon is rotten.

How Does It Appear?

Examine the exterior to ensure that there is no mold or black patches on the rind. If the exterior of the watermelon seems to be destroyed, the interior of the fruit has most likely been harmed as well.

When watermelon is fresh, it should have alternating dark and light green hues on the exterior and a dark pink reddish inside.

If the interior color seems dull, you should look at the other symptoms as well. Any indications of mold, whether inside or outside, indicate that it should not be eaten.

Inhale It

Watermelons don’t have much of a fragrance on the exterior, but you may detect a faint sweet smell. If you detect any odors of mold or mildew, throw it away.

The interior of the watermelon is the same way. Whether you’ve chopped it up and aren’t sure if it’s safe since it appears fine, sniff it for a pleasant aroma.

It should smell as good as it tastes. A pleasant light sweet scent.

Do you have a grittier or drier feeling?

If your watermelon becomes grainy or dry, it is beyond its prime. You may notice that the watermelon flesh is separating from the seeds or the rind.

It should not be consumed at this stage. You’re looking for a juicy, delicious watermelon.


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