With all of the news coverage of ongoing environmental harm, you might be inclined to pat yourself on the back for your efforts. Recycling is an excellent way to contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint on the planet.

There are numerous restrictions governing what and how to recycle. You don’t have to bother about transporting your recycling to a separate site if you have curbside pickup (which we only acquired approximately 9 months ago!).

Although this makes things easier, you still have to deal with the whats and hows. Your local trash or recycling organization probably has a list of goods you may recycle, but you might be wondering if you can put your recycling in a rubbish bag.

In general, no. And I’ll explain why.

Should I Use a Garbage Bag for My Recycling?
If you have an open-top container for your recyclables, you might be tempted to bag up those emptied and cleaned recyclables and make everything nice and tidy for the recycler to take up. However, try not to do so.

For a variety of reasons, putting a garbage bag in your recycling can is a bad idea.

1 – Plastic bags are not recycled by the majority of recycling firms.
Many of your local grocery stores (Meijer stores in the Midwest, for example) recycle specific types of bags.

2 – Loose plastic bags might become entangled in sorting equipment.
If a loose plastic bag slips past the recycler, it may be pulled into the sorting facility’s machinery. This could harm the machinery, necessitating the need of additional employees to repair it.

3 – To remove recyclables, workers may have to open bags.
Workers may have to remove plastic bags from recycled objects to avoid the second reason. It’s possible that they’ll have to spend more time opening the bags and removing the products as a result of this.

4 – Employees may confuse waste bags for trash.
Finally, your recycling efforts may be completely ineffective. A worker might confuse a bag of recycled materials in a rubbish bag with a bag of actual garbage.

Because of a simple misconception, all of the effort you spent emptying and cleaning your recyclables was wasted.

What other options do I have for recycling besides garbage bags?
The best and most straightforward method is to leave the recycling in the bin unattended. Those of you who have the rolling cans with the lids on top may find this a little easier. Simply toss all of the recyclables into the bin together and ensure that the lid can be closed.

But what if you don’t have a lid on your bottle? How can you ensure that your recyclables remain in the bin?

1 – Other recyclable plastic bags may be available depending on your location.
Some businesses permit the use of specific recycling bags (such as clear bags in New York City and, previously, blue bags in Chicago). These bags are made to be recycled in the same manner as other recyclables.

2 – Paper tote bags
When it comes to recycling, paper bags are always a solid choice. These can be recycled with the other papers, so utilizing them to corral your goods isn’t a problem.

3 – Just make sure your bin isn’t overflowing.
If neither of these alternatives are available to you, you can simply ensure that your trash does not overflow. You could also request a replacement can with a lid from your employer.

Recycling and Garbage Bags
Overall, it is in the best interests of all parties concerned to prevent the use of waste bags. They are unlikely to be recycled at the same facility where you send the rest of your recyclables, and any complications that may arise if they do make it to the staff or sorting machines are best avoided.

For recycling in the first place, you definitely deserve a pat on the back. Keep up the excellent work!


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