If you need to replace a cracked or damaged toilet tank, you might be wondering if toilet tanks are universal (i.e. standard sizes).

The size of your toilet tank is determined by the type of toilet you have. Dual flush, gravity, and pressure-assisted flushing methods are available on toilets. Unless you have a unique toilet, toilet tank sizes are generally common among these flushing system types.

You’ll find information to help you find, buy, and install a new toilet tank that’s the right fit for your toilet later in this article. Let’s get started!

Tanks for toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To figure out what kind of tank you’ll need, you’ll need to know what kind of toilet you have. The three toilet types offered to consumers are listed below. The tank you’ll require depends on the sort of toilet you have.

  1. Toilet with two flushes

The flushing mechanism is located on the top of the tank in the shape of two buttons in this style of toilet. These regulate the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.

When looking for a replacement tank, make sure to check for tanks that are compatible with dual flush toilets if you have a toilet with two flushing options.

  1. Toilet with Gravity

Gravity toilets are perhaps the most common form of toilet in today’s houses, so there’s a strong chance you have one.

Gravity toilets flush by allowing water to flow from the bowl into the sewage system using gravity (thus the name).

  1. Toilet with Pressure Assist

While this toilet is built similarly to a gravity toilet, it varies in that the water is pushed down the pipe into the bowl and then through to the sewer by a mechanism in the tank.

Knowing what kind of flushing system your toilet has is crucial, but you’ll also want to take some measurements to ensure everything fits together properly.

How to Determine What Type of Tank You Require

The first step is to determine what brand of toilet you have. This can be found either inside the tank’s lid or directly behind the bowl, as shown below:

Are toilet tanks available in standard sizes?

After you’ve figured out the brand, you’ll need to figure out the serial number. For example, I discovered my toilet’s serial number on the inside of the tank:

You may Google the brand and serial number now that you have them. You should be able to purchase new parts for your toilet if it is a modern model. However, if the model is ancient or no longer available, it may be difficult to locate.

You can also seek assistance from an associate at a local hardware or home improvement store. They’ll probably be able to help you find the proper replacement tank if you provide them the brand name and serial number.

Taking Dimensions

If you’re not positive that you’ll be able to discover a replacement tank that fits your toilet correctly, you should take some measurements.

You’ll need a measuring tape, a pen, and some paper to perform this.

You’ll also need to take measurements of the following distances:

The tank’s depth

The tank’s diameter

The tank’s diameter

Take a quick measurement of the pipes and fixtures as well. When shopping for a new tank, double-check that the pipes and fittings you have will fit. If not, you’ll have to replace those as well.

What about the bolt diameters (and bolt holes) on the tank?

Is the size of the tank bolts standard?

The bolt and bolt hole diameters vary, just like the tank sizes.

Similar-sized toilets may have the same bolt and hole sizes, however custom toilets may have different sizes.

However, the most common bolt size is 1/4 inch, with the 5/16th size also being popular.

The bolt hole will be the same diameter as the bolt. Look at the bolts when you’re taking tank dimensions. If the marks on the bolts aren’t too eroded, you should be able to read the size right off.

Note that if you plan to replace your toilet seat as well, you’ll need to think about toilet seat sizes as well.

If online buying makes you feel uneasy, a trip to your local hardware or home improvement store is in order. If they do not have the tank you require, they will most likely be able to order it for you.

If the retailer of your choice offers it, you can also order online for pick-up in-store. Another alternative is to shop in a store and have the toilet tank delivered to your home.

If you’re going to move the toilet tank (or a full toilet) yourself, you’ll want to think about how much toilets weigh.

Brands of Toilet Paper

When it comes to brands, you’ll almost always want to stick with the same one that created the rest of the toilet you’re fixing.

However, if you need more information on the best toilet brands on the market, here’s a quick rundown of the top names.


Standard American

Bay of Glaciers





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